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SpawnEgg House [Creation] (1.0.6+ Only!)  Map for Minecraft PE

What is the special thing about this map? It has the particular item for spawning structures in Minecraft, which you have not ever seen before in other maps. Leave your comments if you know about this special map.

Founded by: SpartanRage

The best way to spawn a house

There is no challenge in spawning a house. All you need to do is opening the spawn chest. Then, pick one of the spawn eggs.

It’s time for you to decide the place for spawning the house. You had better choose a place with the flat surface like the following area. If you are on the lookout for a flat surface, “Roulette” is an ideal seed.

You need to use the spawn egg, which plays an important role in spawning the house. The way this map spawns the house is as same as spawning a mob. However, the big difference is that SpawnEgg House can produce a structure.

Next, enter the house. Then, you will have a good chance to find out many things inside the house, including chests with necessary items and an anvil.

Notice: You need to use version 1.0.6 or higher level for activating the map. If you are Android users, feel free to sign up for a beta here!

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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