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Spawn On A Jungle Temple Seed for Minecraft PE

The place for you to spawn is on the top of a jungle temple. This is truly a rare seed you may see in Minecraft. As a result, it is a perfect option for players who are looking for some valuable treasures such as diamonds. It helps ensure your survival.

Creator: MightyMapExplorer

The temple’s roof is the place where you spawn. After turning around, you need to go to the different side of the temple. Enter the entrance once you see it.

There are 5 rotten flesh and 2 diamonds in a chest.

You can make use of the levers to enter the chest. Another effective way is trying to break the blocks. There are some important items you can find in the chest, including 1 horse armor, 12 rotten flesh, 4 bone meal, 4 iron ingots, and 7 gold ingots.

There is an elegant tropical lake that is situated near a jungle temple.

Seed: 109995931

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