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Soccer Minigame Map for MCPE 0.15.0, 0.14.2, 0.14.1, 0.14.0

This soccer minigame map (that is football for everyone not American) is an amazingly clever and absolutely hilarious minigame for every soccer fans out there. Soccer in Minecraft Pocket Edition is quite similar to soccer in real life except that you will be using a villager as the ball (I will end this travesty when a ball-like item is introduced in Minecraft PE) to score goals with. It is obvious that you should play soccer when you have an opponent because … soccer.

soccer minigame

How to play the soccer minigame?

You will need at least one player for each team (you can be team red or team blue). The more the merrier. You will know that if you actually play any kind of competitive sport

In the center of the soccer field there will be a villager who will be less than willing to be kicked around as the ball. The villager has already been drugged with several active potion effects which makes him immune to damage and he will never to move unless he is kicked. He is also immune to fire as well. Just kick him around all you want. He won’t fight back.

You can use any rules you want that you usually apply in your game of ball but here are some guidelines I recommend to play the map without problems:

Before the match can begin, have all players stand behind the red or blue line (depending on which team they are on) of the soccer field. Count down from 10 and then blow your imaginary whistle. A goal is only scored when the ball (the drugged villager) goes into one of the goals.

soccer minigame

There are more balls (drugged villagers in different costumes) which you can get by just pulling them out of the cage and pushing them to the center of the soccer field. That is exactly what slavery feels like.

soccer minigame

Download link for the Soccer Minigame Map

All credit goes to Clefts



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