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Soccer [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

For all fans of soccer, this map is a great option. This game looks like soccer in reality. The biggest difference is that the ball is replaced by a villager. You should invite another player to enjoy the game.

Founded by: Clefts

How does Soccer [Minigame] Map work?

There are two opposite teams in the game. Each team requires a minimum of 1 player. The more players enjoy the game, the more fun you can get.

As I have mentioned before, a villager plays the same role as a ball. With some active potion effects, the villager has high immunity with damage and fire. If you kick the ball, it will move.

Check out the guidelines of this map before playing.

Let all players stand behind the blue or red line. The time for countdown should be from 10. When the ball overcomes these lines, you can score a goal.

Pull a ball to the soccer field’s center and play it.

Choose a favorite ball and start playing the game now.


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