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Snowman Addon (1.8+)

A fabulous feature in this game is the new Snowmen, who will defeat monsters to protect your world. It is easy to find out 2 dyeable snowmen and 2 different Snowmen in various snowy biomes.

Founded by: ForgeLogical

Key Features

Derpy Snowman is the first snowman who could be found in Snowy Plains biome. His scarf can be dyed in different colors. This is the biggest difference between the Derpy Snowman and the snow golem.

Besides, the Cool Snowman is the second snowman who also could be found in Snowy Plains biome. He often brings a variety of colored scarves.

The Ice Man is the third one in the Snowy Plains. He has been frozen with some icicles.

Lastly, the Anti-Snowman is very aggressive that often releases fireballs at you! It is common to see him in the Nether.

Snowball plays an important role in fighting with different monsters.

Video Showcase

How to Set Up Snowman Addon (1.8+)