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Smart House Mega Farm [Redstone] Map for Minecraft PE

Located in a savannah biome, this house is a smart choice for your next adventure. There are some necessary levers and basic furniture inside this house. The levers are responsible for entering the basement’s entrance. The following image describes a big farm that are controlled automatically by the redstone.

Founded by: ariankhatabi80

There is no surprise for you to find some crafting tables in this house. Choosing one of them, it will allow you to enter a hidden staircase leading to a basement.

Besides, there is a big farm at the basement. The redstone and villagers working in the farm will control it automatically.

Enter the other room. You can find  some farmed items from the chests.

Access the backyard. It opens a new world of a fun trampoline and a horse. Jumping on the trampoline offers you a pair of elytra wings on your way down.

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