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Smallest House Mod for Minecraft PE

How can you live in a very small house? Everything is possible with the Smallest House Mod. It is regarded as the smallest house in Minecraft Pocket Edition with only one block. Once you enter the house, you have a good chance to go through an extremely large interior, which is bigger than the house. It makes you feel like standing in a very small house.

Founded by: Tilnoene

How does Smallest House Mod work?

There are two ways to craft the house. One way is using the survival mode and the other way is selecting it from the creative inventory. After deciding the place you want to live, you should place the house on the ground. Remember that you can’t change the house’s position later. It means that you can build other small houses but the position of the current house is unchanged.

House (500)- 1 glass block + 2 white wool + 1 oak wood plank + 2 oak wood stairs

For entering the house, you need to tap on it. Pay attention to the appearance of this inventory as in the following image. Besides, tap on the red wool block to exit the house.

Feel confident to design the house as the way you want. Expanding the house is possible with this mod. However, you can’t move the position of the door entrance. It should be kept at the same size.

Create a variety of small houses with this mod. Depending on the position you place down each house, it will decide their interiors. Keep in mind that the distance among different houses is at least 10 blocks.


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