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Slime Suit skin for Minecraft PE

A slime wearing a business suit. A slime wearing a business suit.


Slimes spawn in the Overworld in specific chunks below layer 40 regardless of light levels. They can also spawn in swamp biomes between layers 50-70 in light levels of 7 or less.

Slimes will not spawn within 24 blocks (spherical) of any player, and will despawn over time if no player is within 32 blocks and instantly if no player is within 128 blocks.

Slimes require two vertical non-opaque blocks[Verify] (e.g., air, signs, torches) to spawn in, with an opaque block underneath. The space they spawn in must also be clear of solid obstructions and liquids.[Verify] Big slimes require a 3×2½×3 space to spawn, small slimes require a 3×2×3 space, and tiny slimes require a 1×2×1 space (or 1×1×1 if the upper block is not opaque).

Slime size is affected by regional difficulty: chances range from 33% for each size at low difficulty to 16% tiny, 33% small, and 50% big with higher difficulty.

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Slime Suit skin for Minecraft PE
Slime Suit skin for Minecraft PE



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