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Slime Boss Addon

In this game, the iron golem will become a huge slime boss. Some features have been changed to be suitable for this addon such as the blocks and items. With the powerful strength, it guarantees to challenge you a lot.
Founded by: Vladu11

How does Slime Boss Addon work?

Like an iron golem, the slime boss has the same way of spawning. The biggest difference is the green pumpkin and the iron block.

This fight can shoot magic crystals, which make you lose 7 hearts if hitting.
Slime minions are the replacement of pigs, and they have 4.5 hearts. Use a diamond sword to release one shot.

How to Install Slime Boss Addon

Download Resource .McPack
Download Behavior .McPack
• Use the packs for enjoying a full world
Download a .ZIP file of this map by clicking here

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