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Slime Blocks Map | Parkour Map for MCPE 0.15.0

The Slime Blocks Map is a Parkour Map that has been made up of 10 different levels. All of these 10 levels are some kind of challenges that has something to do with Slim Blocks. By that I mean you have to hop on one of those Slime Blocks and hope that you bounce to wherever it is that you need to reach. It is a really fun Parkour Map. And if you don’t fancy Parkour for the reason that they usually trap you in a certain stage then don’t worry about this one. Because if you get stuck somewhere, there is a ladder to help you skip the level.

All credit goes to DerpMaster111

slime blocks map slime blocks map

Rules of the Slime Blocks Map

  • Play on Survival so your death actually means something.
  • Play on Peaceful so that mobs won’t try to kill you.