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Slime Blocks added to 0.14.0

The newest item to be added into Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.0 is the Slime Blocks! They can be broken instantly, without any tool or weapon.

Slime Blocks are primarily used in Redstone creations, and can also be jumped on. The higher you jump to land on the slime block, the higher you will bounce.

slime blocks

How to craft a Slime Block and Slime Ball

  • 9 Slimeballs => 1 Slime Block
  • 1 Slime Block => 9 Slimeballs

What to do with Slime Blocks?

Slime Block has multiple uses in Minecraft Pocket Edition:

  • They can be used to prevent fall damage as a sort of a trampoline.
    • If the Player will take fall damage instead if they are sneaking.
  • They can  bounce both players and mobs.
    • Can’t bounce while sneaking.
  • They can be used for item transport, since items in the water will move faster if the block below the water is Slime Block.
    • However, Players and Mobs will swim slower in the same predicament.
  • They might also be used in Redstone mechanisms to create self propelled contraptions. However, this is still not possible since pistons are not yet in the game.

Interesting facts about Slime Blocks

  • In Minecraft Pocket Edition, Slime Blocks have a higher chance to generate naturally in Swamps Biomes.
  • As of 0.14.0, Players can only bounce from a Slime Block.
    • When Mobs or the Players are bouncing on Slime Blocks, they will produce Slime Particles.
  • A player will swim slower if the block beneath the water is a Slime Block.
  • Slime Block can still bounce players and mobs if it is covered by a Carpet.
    • The carpet can be used as a way to hide the Slime Blocks, which can be used to your heart desires.
  • Slime Blocks are sometimes confused with the Slime mob because they are slimes who look like each other. But this is not the case since one is fun and useful, the other is trying to kill you.

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