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Skypiea [Adventure] [Parkour] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

Skypiea [Adventure] [Parkour] Map is a map adventure interesting and attractive combined with a bit of parkour. In other adventure map, your job is just to discover what the author claimed to find something mysterious is hidden deep in a cave or a dense forest.

This map was created completely different, you will not have to spend time searching for jobs as before, you just need to overcome the challenges challenging parkour is already possible to find out the mystery. Do not destroy any blocks, if violations will be penalized if they accumulate and end game, your charge is too low, you will not move on to the next challenge. Be careful.




  • Cobblestone generator
  • Sky village
  • Mushroom towers
  • Secret spawners
  • The Skypiea Tower (go here to find the map quests! There are easy, normal and hard quests as well as some side quests for the really elite ones.)
  • Nether reactor zone
  • Emerald maze
  • Heaven with floating islands connected by (walkable) rainbows
  • Golden parkour zone
  • Feather shop (zombies drop feathers)
  • Gunpowder shop (creepers drop gunpowder)
  • The Pyramid and Zeus Temple (found in heaven)
  • Creeper grinder
  • The Giant Herobrine (a final boss! If you beat him, you complete the map!)

Author: Yoshiyuoka



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