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SkyIslands [Adventure] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

SkyIslands [Adventure] Map is an interesting map includes several islands floating in the sky, namely 14 different islands and 14 challenging also.

Your job is to build the farm, collect loot and explore the mysteries of the island. There will be a lot more surprises and dangers, what you need to do is calm and focused as possible. This map has been a lot of players to download and commented that it was an interesting map, interesting, worthwhile for people to enjoy together.





  1. Make a two-story house.
  2. Create a tree farm in which you plant all four different trees.
  3. Create a Nuclear Reactor and conquer it.
  4. Access all islands and manage them well.
  5. Create a 5×5 Wheat farm.
  6. Collect 5 End Stones.
  7. Make a 5×5 Cocoa Bean farm.
  8. Make a mob farm.
  9. Find 5 diamonds.
  10. Use the diamonds which you found in the previous challenge to create a Diamond Pickaxe.
  11. Create a Diamond Sword with the rest of the diamonds you found in challenge 9.
  12. Find a way to get a friendly mob to spawn.
  13. Smelt 64 Cobblestones to make them Stones.
  14. Discover and explore all parts of the mystery island.. and perhaps find out what the mystery is about..

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