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Skyfall [PvP] (1.0.5 Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

When using this map, you may see some fierce sky battles. Spawn in air, you are equipped a pair of additional wings and a weapon. The target is becoming the final alive player. It is quite difficult for you to survive just only by flying around different sky islands. All you need is the enough supplements of weapons and food.

Founded by: Alberto57451238

How to play Skyfall [PvP] (1.0.5 Only!) Map?

Firstly, press the at spawn button. Then, it offers the great ability for you to teleport in the sky. You have a good chance to get a pair of elytra wings to survive in the battle.

Receiving helpful things like weapons or food by looking for various sky islands. Due to the characteristic of a PvP map, you need to be careful with other players. They can kill or put a bad impact on your strategy.

After that, you can touch the bottom sky island in an effective way. As described in the image below, you need walking through the portal. This plays an important task in supporting you to teleport to the island, which is on the top of the map.

One fact is that there is a great number of floating structures for you to discover by flying. However, it comes with all features of a PvP map, which make you feel ready to fight.

Notice: You will need to activate the 1.0.5 beta (Android users sign up here) for enjoying this map.

Download .McWorld here

Download .ZIP

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