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Skills Mod for Minecraft PE 0.15.0/0.14.2/0.14.0

The Skills Mod adds something for you to put all your experience points to good use. Once you have obtained enough experience, you can use these experience points to upgrade your skills. The most of these skills are used for survival and battle and will automatically add different types of potion effects depending on your situations. For example, the first level of the Rage skill adds a 10% chance of triggering rage mode (Haste, Strength II) for a few seconds.

All credit goes to Metamorposis_2

How does the Skills Mod work?

Once you have entered the world, you will notice that some parts of the interface have changed. On the right side of the screen there is a small GUI (that is graphical user interface for those of you who are curious) displaying your experience stats and also a button to upgrade your skills. In the bottom right corner of the screen there is a button which can be used to enable and disable the GUI.

skills mod

You can gain experience points by killing monsters. Once you have gained enough skill points you can use them to upgrade your skills. Right now, there are four types of skills to upgrade:

  • Battle Healing: Regenerates x heart(s) every x seconds
  • Bash: Inflicts x heart(s) on target. Cooldown: x seconds
  • Heal: Regenerates x heart(s) when used. Cooldown: x seconds
  • Rage: Has a x% chance to enter rage mode

Each skill can be upgraded several times. The “x” represents the number of time you can upgrade your skills, which is a lot. If you do not use any kind of other mods then this number can go up to 31 (I think).

skills mod

In this example I have decided to upgrade Rage skill to level 1. Now every time I attack an enemy I have a 10% chance to enter rage mode which triggers two potion effects for a few seconds:

skills mod


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