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SinglePlayer Economy Mod for Minecraft PE

Enjoy the fantastic in-game economy with SinglePlayer Economy Mod. You have a great chance to select a suitable job by overcoming small tasks. You can use the money to buy kits and items. This game is perfect for people who love the simplicity. Strongly hope that it will have new improvements in the future.

Founded by: CatGirl678

Access the economy menu by choosing the Economy Menu button. It locates on the right corner of the display. Are you ready to choose Jobs menu or the Shop?

You have a variety of options to start your jobs.

  • Lumberjack: Cut down trees, and you can get money
  • Miner: Mine blocks and you can get money

For instance, I work as a lumberjack and start earning money to buy stuff.

After accessing the Economy Menu, you can purchase some items through going to Shop. In this case, I purchase some diamonds.

If you want to choose other jobs, you can give up the current job. Write /help in the chat to get more support.

Download (Dropbox)

Download (MediaFire)