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Single Potion Mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.0

Single Potion Mod is a creative mod which is created by Affogatoman.It is about different kinds of potion in Minecraft PE.

You should know that potion is very important in a game.For example, it will help you stronger án have incredible abilities like superhero’s abilities.When you have a potion, you will do everything.Using this mod is very simple.What an effect you want to just write off then you will have it immediately.In short, you have all the effects in the game you will be immortal and can do everything which you imagine.To use this mod, you only type that: .effect [PotionEffect] [Time (sec)] [Level].

Single Potion Mod
Single Potion

Potion Effect List:

  • fire_resistance
  • water_breathing
  • invisibility
  • blindness
  • night_vision
  • hunger
  • weakness
  • poison
  • wither
  • health_boost
  • absorption
  • saturation
  • speed
  • slowness
  • haste
  • mining_fatigue
  • strength
  • instant_health
  • instant_damage
  • jump
  • nausea
  • regeneration
  • damage_resistance



Single Potion Addon


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