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Sieve Mod for Minecraft PE

The sieve plays an important role in this game. It helps sift dirt, gravel, and sand. As a result, it is a great method to get important items such as iron ingot. There is no need of going out for searching mine ores; you can still have valuable things with the sieve. Because the sieve mod is in the developmental stage, it still has some bugs. Hope that it will be improved soon in the future.

Founded by: Tilnoene

How to Play Sieve Mod

There are two main ways to get the items. The first method is making use of a mod like X-Commands. Another way is taking advantage of the creative inventory.

Sieve/Sifter (Peneira) (ID: 500)

After tapping the sieve on the ground, you need to place it down. Your task is adding dirt, gravel, and sand to the sieve. Next, sift the mixture by the rest hand.

You have a good chance to receive important items like iron ingots.


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