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ShulkerWars [PvP] Map for Minecraft PE

This map gets the inspiration from the End- a dimension of shulkers. You can find 4 teams on the map. Each of them has a private sky island. Your task is creating blocks and picking up items on your islands. Try to be the last team to survive.

Founded by: ZzeuzZ23

How does ShulkerWars [PvP] Map work?

Where will you spawn? It is an average lobby, which requires you to get an iron pressure plate to come to the PvP battle. However, remember to change the game’s settings by using built-in settings.

There is a large shulker island in the central and various surrounding floating islands. This is the place where helps you get the best weapons. However, be careful with many shulkers here. Other islands are great places that offer many good items.

When you land on the main island, you have to deal with many shulkers that release projectiles.

Try to get useful stuff by discovering the chests. These items play an important role in defeating other teams.

Video Review

The creator of this map speaks Spanish.


  • Bug of fixes
  • Shulker Boxes’ s Regeneration
  • Shulker Regeneration
  • Message to the winning player
  • Upgraded rooms

How to Install ShulkerWars [PvP] Map

Download .McWorld

Download .McTemplate

Download .ZIP