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Shulker Boxes Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

Shulker Boxes Mod (Android) is a wonderful game you can find out on the PC version of Minecraft. Although it has left some limitations such as several bugs and no animation, it is still a favorite game for many people. Discover amazing features of this mod as the followings.

Founded by: umerkk164

How does Shulker Boxes Mod (Android) work?

Like other normal chests, the main function of Shulker Boxes is storing your necessary blocks and items. All you need to do is placing the box on the flat ground.

There are 1 chest and 2 Shulker Shells available in this box.

The big plus of using this mod is that you can make use a shulker box, not an ordinary chest to play the game. Once a shulker chest is broken, you will see many important items here.

It is evident that you can find these items in the same chest even when placing them in other areas. This feature is very essential if you must move a lot or the process of finding the chest is challengeable.

The basic requirement for placing a shulker box is the equipment of an air block above the box. Here is a small minus of the box, which needs the large space for storage.

Moreover, changing the color of a shulker box is so simple due to the application of type of dye. Use the dye to tap the box. Luckily, it does not put any impact on other components inside the chest.

Common Bugs

  • It is difficult for you to open the box from the above
  • Two shulker boxes should not be placed together

Notice: You must use Android and other applications such as MCPE Master, Toolbox or BlockLauncher to activate this mod.


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