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Shopping Cart Addon

This game offers an effective way to travel with the convenience of 27 slots. These slots support you well in storing your items. Therefore, even you have a long travel or not, it’s no matter.
Founded by: Nogard

How to Play Shopping Cart Addon

As the replacement of the Cave Spider and the Spider, you can find the Shopping Carts popularly. Another way is using the spawn eggs. However, try to find the Shopping Cart on other places.

• Windows 10: After making a right click on the vehicle, you can ride it immediately
• iOS / Android: After making a long press on the cart, you should choose the Ride button

Next, contact the entity or access the inventory to ride the cart.

Key Features

• It has 27 slots and 10 colors
• It is the replacement of the Cave Spider and Spider
• 4 languages of the game include Czech, German, English (US, GB)

How to Install Shopping Cart Addon

1. Decide your color
Yellow & Lime
Light Blue & Purple
Red & Blue
Orange & Green
Silver & White
All Color
2. Enable the pack
Download a .Zip file for this game here.