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Shipwreck On Dry Land Seed for Minecraft PE

After spawning, you will recognize the place where you spawn is a small island. Look ahead. The big coral reef will impress you. There is a shipwreck appearing on the beach when you turn right. A desert temple is in front of you when you leave the shipwreck. Are you ready to play this interesting seed?

How to Play Shipwreck On Dry Land Seed

Creator: schuylord

After spawning, turn right. There is a shipwreck on the large beach.

It is advisable for you to break different chests of the shipwreck. It comes with a treasure map, some papers, and books.

Leave the shipwreck, and there is a desert temple in front of you.

In the temple’s center, there are many colorful blocks that include 4 treasure chests.

Seed: -244885508

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