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SG Snakes & Ladders [Minigame] Map

This map offers a great view of an automatic game with the dice system. The number of players in this game should be more than 4. Besides, it also has big ladders and derpy snakes.
Founded by: SkyGames Team

How does SG Snakes & Ladders [Minigame] Map work?

When all players are ready for starting the game, you must choose the Start button.
The roll should be diced immediately.

Try to be the first player to complete the game.

List of Credits

• MrMineChest
• LUIS6234
• FogzGamez
• Pattcosmics
• GianZMC
• AmazingGamerPH
• deadmanplaysMC
• HongyiMC
• Nikilas11
• Luma
• DJTMGaming

How to Install SG Snaakes & Ladders [Minigame] Map

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP