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SG Power Plushies Addon

The total plushies you can get in this addon are 6. Keep a plushie in your hands and feel its status effect. With powerful strength, the plushies promise to make you stronger.

Founded by: SkyGames Team, including Luma, DJTMGaming, GianZMC, deadmanplaysMC, LUIS6234, HongyiMC, Nikilas11, FogzGamez, AmazingGamerPH, pattcosmics

How to Play SG Power Plushies Addon

Hold a plushie in your hand to get a status effect.

If you hold an SG power plushie, you can increase 50% health and speed in the husk, 50% health and Water Breathing in dolphin, Jump Boost in Magma Cube.

Besides, if Enderman Head wears an SG power plushie, it can get Night Vision. The Dragon Head will increase Mega Health and the Iron Golem Head will have a Massive Health and the ability to regenerate.

It is quite challengeable for you to find the plushies.

How to Install SG Power Plushies Addon