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SG Pocket Expansion [Survival] Map for Minecraft PE

At the first time, this map is designed for Java Edition. However, it is ported to Bedrock Edition. Your task is trying to survive as long as possible in an open environment.

The terrain of the world is very similar to vanilla. It is easy to recognize many random blocks here, including skyblock islands and spawned mobs. Feel confident to enjoy different challenges of the map now.

Founded by: SkyGames Team, including  jobetyk, Luma, DJTMGaming, FogzGamez, InNova, FHMiner, pattcosmics, deadmanplaysMC, AmazingGamerPH, MCPEtraswen

How to Play SG Pocket Expansion [Survival] Map

After spawning, you can see random blocks such as stone, ores, dirt, planks, logs, etc. The rate for spawning of these blocks is Y:50.

The rate for spawning mobs is Y:51+, which is effective for developing the farm.

One fact is that this island spawns similarly to other bigger islands. It also has a chest.

How to Install SG Pocket Expansion [Survival] Map

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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