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SG Paintball [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

This map comes with a variety of fabulous features to satisfy all of the players. Remember to invite other people to play the game before letting it start. Your task is killing other teams. Each player will hold a paintball in his hands. Painting the floor is an easy task by throwing the paintballs on the floor. The paint color from your team is dangerous to the opposite team.

Founded by: Cheete, ForzGamez, jobetyk, AmazingGamerPH

How does SG Paintball [Minigame] Map work?

Each player has some paintballs and armor. There is no difficulty in throwing paintballs. It has the same way of throwing a snowball.

The paintball color will decide the color of your team. For instance, a player in team blue will have the blue in the front blocks.

If a player steps on the wrong blocks, he will die and stop the game. This player can restart the game after 5 seconds.

Once you kill the opposite team, you have a good chance to get 5 emeralds. Try to hold the middle flag because you can have 3 emeralds. These emeralds are effective in trading other items of the shop.

  • 10 Paintballs can be traded by 5 Emeralds
  • PaintBomb can be traded by 35 Emeralds
  • 20 Second Shield can be traded by 50 Emeralds

How to Install SG Paintball [Minigame] Map

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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