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SG Fan Realm World [Creation] [Minigame] Map

This game allows you to play a multiplayer or Realms game. You can find out a great lobby and different minigames in this map. These minigames could be listed here, including Kit PvP, Block Party and TNT Run. Check the official Realm of this game here.
Founded by: SkyGames Team

List of Minigames

There is plenty of minigames on the map.
• Kit PvP
• Diggers
• Ladder Brawls
• Block Party
• Volcano Run
• TNT Run
• Spleef
• Bow Brawl
• Minotaur
• Gold Party (Automatic Drop Party)
• Slime Battles (new!)
• MEGA Sand Castles (1v1v1v1)

List of Credits

• Builders: Luma, pattcosmics, Nikilas11, GianZMC, leefnut, LUIS6234, deadmanplaysMC
• Owners: FogzGamez, MCPEtraswen, DJTMGaming
• Renderer: AmazingGamerPH
• Programmer: HongyiMC

How to Install SG Fan Realm World [Creation] [Minigame] Map

Download .McWorld