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SG Climber’s Horror [Parkour] [PvP] Map

Invite your friends to enjoy this interesting game. You will be the person who decides whether you are the winner or the loser. The winner is the first one who can climb to the top of the tower. The loser will be attacked by the enemies. This game is a great option for Halloween.
Founded by: SkyGames Team

List of Credits

Are you curious about the members who help this map successful?
• TylerSk8Z
• deadmanplaysMC
• HongyiMC
• DJTMGaming
• GianZMC
• FogzGamez
• AmazingGamerPH
• LUIS6234
• Pattcosmics
• Leefnut
• Nikilas11
• Luma
• Mauripichi_
• McMCPE1234

How to Set Up SG Climber’s Horror [Parkour] [PvP] Map

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