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Minecraft PE Seed: #SELFIES – Big Island Group

The spawn is a normal survival seed, what made this seed different ???That is you can find are multiple of island close the spawn island with lots of different size from small to very large. The distance about 100-200 blocks from spawn island, but you if wanna come to there you must swim, and no other ways exected flying in the creative mode.



Moreover in the spawn island have a small tunnel leading down. But the tunnel doesn’t leading to a cave system or a dungeon, after a while you follow the path of the tunnel you will realize finally it come to dead end.


But this seed is a good seed for a survival mode challenger, it also so fun if you used it play with your friends because each island has been conneted with the other, then each of you have your own base.


Seeds : #SELFIES  Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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