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Secret Base Resource Pack for Minecraft PE

The main purpose of this pack is providing solider blocks for establishing a secret base. For instance, some blocks come with camouflage for indistinguishing them from the blocks. Remember to enable the pack so that all players can use it for the best effectiveness.

Founded by: LegoAidan 10155

What are new changes in Secret Base Resource Pack?

The followings are items and blocks that have been retextured. Strongly hope that we can see some future updates.

  • Invisible Ladders
  • Bookshelf Door (Dark Oak Door)
  • Cobblestone Trapdoor (Wooden Trapdoor & Iron Trapdoor) and Wooden Planks Trapdoor
  • Detector Rails (as same as normal rails)
  • Dispensers (like the texture of cobblestone)
  • Invisible tripwires
  • Pistons (like oak wood planks in the appearance)

There is no difficulty in using this resource pack. In my game as below, I used several invisible ladders and 2 hidden indoors.

How to set up Secret Base Resource Pack

Download Resource .McPack

Activate the full pack for enjoying the game

You can get a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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