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Scorpions Add-on for Minecraft PE

In Scorpions Add-on, scorpions will replace the spiders in an effective way. As you know, scorpions can become a great dish for both humans and animals. However, you will find it interesting to tame young scorpion into your lovely pet. An adult scorpion has the ability of protecting you from any danger. All you need is riding the scorpion and enjoying its benefits.

Founded by: Gona

How does Scorpions Add-on work?

There is no difficulty in taming scorpions. Your task is feeding them some raw materials like meat. A baby scorpion is always passive, whereas, a tamed one will follow around you.

  • iOS / Android: You need to make a long press on the scorpion, keep some raw materials and press the button Tame
  • Windows 10: When you hold some meat, make a right-click on the scorpion and start taming it

You can take advantage of a tamed adult scorpion as a useful mount.

  • iOS / Android: After long pressing on the scorpion, you should press the button Ride
  • Windows 10: Make a right-click on the scorpion. Then, ride it

To manage the directions, you should try to use an iron sword.

Be careful with wild scorpions. They can attack villagers, players and other animals such as mules, donkeys, cows, sheep, horses, and pigs.

Typical features of Scorpion / Cave Scorpion

  • As the replacement of spiders and cave spiders
  • Baby (Wild is passive and has 8 hearts in health. You can feed the wild scorpion raw meat to tame it. Besides, the tamed ones are passive and have 10 hearts in health)
  • Adult (Wild comes with 20 hearts, 2-5 damages. They can attack players, villagers, cows, sheep, horses, mules, donkeys, polar bears and pigs. The tamed ones have 30 hearts in health, 3-6 damages. They attack pigs only. Players can ride the tamed ones and control them by using an iron sword. Use fish or raw meat to tame them)
  • Other impressive features include 0 – 1 scorpion helmet, leggings, boots, chestplate, and 0 – 2 scorpion eyes

How to install Scorpions Add-on

Follow our steps below to enjoy the full version of this game.

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world

If you are interested in this game,  get a .ZIP file for this pack here.