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Minecraft PE Seed: scooby doo – Survival Island

The main section of this seed is a small island, but in this this small island have some cool features you must to be explore. That is little hill (the spawn), little pool of water and a mineshaft which lots of rare ores must to see.


Overview of the survival island

Look like, the spawn and the the pool of water then in this post we just show you how to find the mineshaft from the spawn. The mineshaft quite close with the spawn, when you spawn you are on the top of little hill, in there find the small open cave (As you can see in the the entrance of the cave has been marked by the red arrow in the picture below). The cave entrance leading you to the a cave system, in there have lots of gravel, never forget destroy some gravel because the gravel will made you suffocate.

The entrance of the cave
Destroy the gravel is very important because some time after you destroy a gravel you will have get a new path.
Or you can find an ores like iron, gold ….
Sometime it will be mob spawns and chests
Seeds : scooby doo Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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