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Scarecow Add-on for Minecraft PE

The main purpose of this add-on is preventing monsters and armor from destroying specific places. A new characteristic of this game is the change in the armor stand’s behaviors. With this addon, you can ensure that your carrot will be protected from rabbits and other hostile mobs.

Founded by: JoePaleto

How to Play Scarecow Add-on

Rabbit Scarecrow:

It offers a good way to protect your carrots from rabbits. If you see it, it will try to run immediately. The armor stand includes these items: leather tunic, pumpkin, and leather pants.

Monster Scarecrow:

It protects your house from zombie villagers, zombies, and skeletons. Have the full armor stand by adding some items, including iron boots, iron leggings, iron chestplate, pumpkin, and iron sword.

Hope to see more scarecrows in the future.

How to Install Scarecow Add-on

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Enable the pack for exploring a world in game

Download a .ZIP file here.

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