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Savannah Zombie Village – 2051699104 | MCPE Seed

Okay, this is certainly new. Maybe. Anyways, I have never seen a village that is full of zombie before. And this is a Savannah Zombie Village.

All credit goes to dollardagreat

Seed: 2051699104

Perhaps we will see more of this when Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.0 becomes more popular to the masses. But for now, this is the first, and hopefully the only one.

savannah zombie village

After you have spawned, face diagonally to your left. In other words, walk towards the savannah. The village should not be too far away.

savannah zombie village

This does not look like any thing I have ever seen before. At first glance, the entire village looks like ghost town. By that I mean there are no villagers at sight and houses are covered in moss and cobweb.

Though inside these houses are zombies, and they scare the life out of me. I guess that would make sense because zombies will burn when exposed to sunlight so at night they go out to hunt.

savannah zombie village

Theories have it that the villagers here encountered a zombie invasions. A zombie bit a man and turn him into a zombie, and a few more bites and the whole village are zombies. But I don’t really buy that since I have never actually seen zombies turning human into zombies in Minecraft or in real life. This Savannah Zombie Village was probably built by zombies over night.

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