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Savannah Island Seed for Minecraft PE

When enjoying this seed, you have a great opportunity to spawn in a small but beautiful island in the ocean. One of the most impressive features of this game is the appearance of a really big neighboring island. This island is a perfect survival place that holds only a savannah biome.

Creator: Minecraft PE Seed Picker / BossGamerTv5

How does Savannah Island Seed work?

Once you have spawned, you should turn around and fly diagonally on your left side about 100 or 200 blocks. It takes you a short time to get to the savannah island. Besides, it promises to make you feel pleased when discovering the Minecraft world.

Created naturally by the Minecraft seed generator, Savannah Island Seed is actually an amazing island. The island has about 15 trees, which is ideal for building up your small house.

There is a small pond located in the central of the island. It is considered as a perfect fishing spot.

Seed: -560637684

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