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Run4Life [Adventure] [Creation] Map For Minecraft

Run4Life [Adventure] [Creation] Map is a horror map, in this map you will play as a character named is Gordon and you officer in charge of the army.

Do you know series film The Walking Dead? this map based on this series and your mission is to go out there and try to stop the apocalypse. Here’s some weapons… Will have many zombies apocalypse adventure map taking place in a desert town and many of the surrounding areas. Your name is Wilbert and your first mission is to go find a couple of items and bring them to the weapon store. There are a lot of secret places to be explored and throughout the adventure there are several little tasks you must complete while trying to fight your way through hordes of zombies.


  • Set difficulty to hard (to make zombies spawn)
  • Don’t break/place blocks except red sand blocks



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