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Rumble Ring [PvP] [Adventure] Map For Minecraft PE 0.13.0

Can say that Rumble Ring [PvP] [Adventure] Map is a hunting ground, you must seemed full ability, his technique to be able to win in this map.

This map is only have one person win, this is special of this map. The goal is to be the last man (or woman) standing. You can bring your friends to play and enjoy the best moments, Rumble Ring is a small PvP map which can be played by 2-4 players. The map is split up in two arenas. The second arena is the hidden one and can be found underneath the first arena. Just dig straight down to access it, but make sure you don’t fall into the lava.


  • Turn difficulty to max
  • Don’t break blocks by your hands
  • Only 2vs2 teaming allowed


Rumble-Ring Rumble-Ring1


Author:  KarsTimesTen



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