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Minecraft PE Seed: robot – Stronghold

After spawn, at the ahead of you is a village. To get there just walk straight ahead from the spawn a few blocks then soon you will see some rooftop of village house, that is the sign you are very close with the village.




The village haven’t blacksmith but instead this seed have a dungeon at the well in the center of the village. Then the first things you should do is, located the well then jump to it, swim to at the bottom of the well the start dig down (or destroy the blocks) to get through. And finally you reach to the stronghold.



But you should bring some torches because in the stronghold very dark, with scary creature…With the light of torches made you more safety.

At the stronghold, the first things is finding the library because in there you will find to chest. One of them can be found in the main bottom floor and the other is o the terrace above it. The chest have some good things to you but maybe not because the items each time you found them is randomly.


At the End Portal, is a mob spawner and some lava, a chest with gold and iron gear.

Seeds : robot Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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