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Rivermeet Seed

The place where you spawn is near 5 river’s center. If you are looking for a good survival seed, this game should be in the first priority. Feel wonderful to discover different areas here such as open ravines, a double lake, islands, etc.
Founded by: Jaren-Darkwolf

How to Play Rivermeet Seed

After spawning, you have a chance to see the combination of 5 rivers.
Firstly, it is easy to find different islands in a short loop’s middle.
Then, if you move toward clockwise, it will lead to a south by south way.
The third direction is toward the west.
While the fourth direction is toward west by north, the fifth leads to the north-north one. It will fall into a big double lake.
It is so great to find ravines in the map.

ID of The Seed

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