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Reversal Dropper | Modded Minigame Map for MCPE

Reversal Dropper is pretty much similar to the normal dropper minigame but you will be falling upward instead of falling downward. Your goal is to avoid the obstacles and touch the ceiling of the dropper to claim a cup and move on to the next stage. The concept of this map obviously defies the laws of physics but it is all possible for this is a modded map.

All credit goes to StrikerTeam, MrLeons7, and LScripts23

How to play Reversal Dropper?

There are 10 different stages to pick from and neither of them have to be played in a specific order. To select a stage simply press one of the buttons and you will be teleported to the selected stage.

A countdown will start and after three seconds you will start moving upward. Use the controllers to avoid the obstacles.

Recommended settings: third person view, set field of view (FOV) to max.

Some stages are more difficult than others. If you want from easy to difficult then begin with the first one on the left and then continue to the one next to it on the right.

reversal dropper reversal dropper reversal dropper


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