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Remote Explosives Mod for Minecraft PE

In this mod, you can enjoy fabulous features of advanced technology. There is no need of using the dangerous weapon like TNT blocks; you could make use of explosives in a safe way. After planting the explosives, you need to stand back and see what happens. A remote block is useful in helping you set up the timing.

Founded by: Anonymous

How to Play Remote Explosives Mod

Explosives play an important role in helping you attack the enemy’s base. Therefore, remember to prepare some explosives to access their base.

  • Explosive (ID: 221) includes 1 gunpowder and 8 stone blocks

You need to find a safe way to stand back and set up the Remote block. Use an empty hand to tap on the block. It encourages the block to explode.

  • Remote (ID: 230) includes 1 gunpowder and 8 iron blocks

The explosives can destroy the base seriously. Accessing the base is possible now.


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