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Reinforced Bow Mod for Minecraft PE

If you want to enjoy an advanced bow, you should put Reinforced Bow Mod in your first consideration. There are some new features you can control, including the arrow speed, the switching mode, and the damage. This mod is not only simple but also fun. Explore all of its gorgeous features.

Founded by: 佑蒼

How Does Reinforced Bow Mod Work?

When you hold a bow, you should make a double tap on display. It helps switch 3 modes, including:

0 presents for Common

1 presents for  Improved attack damage, and delayed arrow

2 presents for Perfect target, gravity puts no pressure on the arrow

Don’t let the simplicity of this mod fool you. It comes with many additional features that help you a lot in your adventure.

For further information, you should watch the video below. It is an easy way for you to learn all detailed descriptions of the mod.


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