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Redstone Tour [Redstone] Map for Minecraft PE

There are 23 creations in this map such as fountains, farms, food, etc. they help you have necessary creations for setting up your worlds. With easy to understand the Spanish language, the map promises to bring the great happiness to you.

Founded by: yarr97

The mob farm is the first thing we should mention here. Spawning the mobs must be done by pressing a button. Then, conduct a lever to make them die. It helps you build up a mob farm effectively.

Look at the second creation. It has 2 fountains that combine water and lava. Use a button to turn on and off the fountain.

You can turn on the lava wall by pressing the button. It helps you safe at night.

This is a farm where produces sugarcane. Harvest them by choosing the right button.

The TNT launcher can make you fly into the air.

You must stand on the pressure plate to wear weapons from armor wardrobes.

Access the chest, and you will see many arrows released.

Look at the cobblestone generator.

How to Install Redstone Tour [Redstone] Map