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Redstone Realms (Protect Your Server!) [Redstone] Map for Minecraft PE

When enjoying this game, you have the great ability to protect your Realms server through the support of 9 command block creations. Feel wonderful to make use of a simple shop, banned items and anti-grief to make your world lively. As a result, it is an ideal option for players with a server.

Founded by: LegoAidan10155

How does Redstone Realms (Protect Your Server!) [Redstone] Map work?

You need to have a command block existing in the place you want to protect. It is the basic requirement for all command block creations in this game.

Anti-Grief: It plays an important role in protecting the areas you want to protect. To serve this task, you must ensure to own player houses, a server hub and so on.

Anti TNT: One fact is that you can place down TNT, but igniting it is impossible. If you attempt to ignite TNT, it will disappear immediately.

Secret Door: If a player stands on the block, it will open automatically. To contrast, the door will close if there is no one there.

Simple Shop (Automatic): A simple shop is responsible for selling items for emeralds. It is the responsibility of players to have the currency for trading.

In addition to these command blocks above, there are still many options for you to try to protect your Realms server. Are you ready to enjoy it by yourself?

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