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RECESS – Diamonds under Spawn

An seed in version 0.11.0+ with diamonds. After spawn you should mark the spawn by a block, then explore the seed before digging down the spawn to find diamonds. In the surface of the seed, you have an massive swamp, a small jungle, an medium village with a blacksmith and some extreme hills. 


After get good wooded pickage, back to the spawn point and start digging down. You soon will find the coal and iron, keep dinging down and you can find some diamond on bedrock. But careful because have lava below.



Close the spawn is the village with a blacksmith contain following items: couple of iron ingots and some food. Have a well in the center of the village but we doesn’t find any stronghold. But we has found an cave system in the well with a lot of gold, iron, coal and redstone. Enjoy!


Seeds : RECESS Work in PE ver0.11.0+

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