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Raw Mutton – In Development!

Raw Mutton, first introduced in June 30, 2014 on the PC version of Minecraft, is coming soon to the Pocket Edition of Mincraft! This may be a small feature, but it is good food for you eat to replenish your hunger and you health.
raw mutton

What is Raw Mutton?

Raw Mutton (Mutton in French means baby sheep) is a type of raw edible meat that you obtained when you kill a sheep. A sheep can drop 1 or 2 raw mutton. There can be more if you kill them with an item that has “looting”. If a sheep is killed with fire, or something hot, the mutton will be deliciously cooked.

How much health regenerates when ate?

Note yourself, kids, always cook your food, unless you are having sushi, just don’t overcook anything. Minecraft teaching kids the right way. If you aren’t up to much cooking, when raw it will regenerate 1 food point (slim chance of causing poison). But if you cook the meat in the furnace, your hunger will go up by 3.

Can it help you tame Wolves?

You can use Raw Mutton to breed and heal tamed wolves like any other meat. Also, it can make a tamed baby wolf grow 10% faster.
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