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-24517192: Rare Mesa Village | MCPE Seed

Mesa villages are not a proper thing in Minecraft. By that I mean they are not supposed to exist in Minecraft. The devs did not think about them when they code the game. Yet some still appear thanks to a glitch in the matrix, or the code, or some random things that generated. Here we have a Rare Mesa Village that somehow spawned in three different biomes (mesa, jungle, and desert), but the mesa part is the largest. Another thing that made this village really interesting is that it is generated on top of a mountain.

All credit goes to ipodzgaming

Seed: -24517192

You, the player, with this seed, will spawn in a jungle. This jungle is next to the desert and the mesa. After spawn, you should turn to your right and keep walking for a few steps until you see the village. It is only a few steps.

rare mesa village

That being said. The rare mesa village is not entirely in mesa, and not even entirely on top of the mountain. As I said, glitched. While the most part of the village is down on the ground, there are 2 houses that are situated on top of a really large block. That is one way of excluding from humanity!

rare mesa village

Back down on the ground there are everything that you would expect from a normal village, that being houses and farms. So you are pretty much fed and sheltered for as long as you are here. There are farms on the mountain as well, because those excluded villagers do need to eat, too.

rare mesa village rare mesa village

Just outside the rare mesa village there is a cave. This cave will lead to deep levels that almost reach bedrock. On the way down, you should be able to find some nice ores such as gold. So better get your mining gear ready.


  1. Dude, I got teleported to an island that looks like a Y, still cool.

  2. it is 666 u know

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