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PvP Helper (Lag Reducer) Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Do you feel annoyed when playing the game in low-end devices? Then, you should try PvP Helper (Lag Reducer) Texture Pack for many good reasons. It is a perfect option for Minecraft PE, which allows you to play the game without any pressure of lagging.

You will say goodbye with small particles, water splashes, and sparkling Redstone when playing this map.

Founded by: CortexPE

Key Features

  • Green grass blocks
  • Removed particles
  • GUI existence
  • Low rate of fire
  • Great screen background
  • Nice skies lag

Extra settings

These settings are responsible for reducing lags. Some of them could be listed here, including:

  • Fancy Leaves – OFF
  • Fancy Graphics – OFF
  • Beautiful Skies – OFF
  • Render Distance – at least 8 chunks
  • Some running apps are closed
  • Some useless apps are deleted

How to Install PvP Helper (Lag Reducer) Texture Pack

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Enable Minecraft PE
  3. Select Settings > Global resources > Apply texture pack
  4. Restart Minecraft PE

Click here to download a .ZIP file.

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