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PvP Advance Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Surely everyone knows what is PVP.PVP is a mode in which player vs player.With this PvP Advance, you will have many surprise about features which it brings.

This mod was created by MehrzadR.It allows you to custom in the multiplayer part of the game.Its features see the others on health and can detect enemy when they reach your current position in the game.Maybe this is cheating but it will take to increase the ability for gamers.There are many features and command which you can use in this mod.

PvP Advance
PvP Advance
PvP Advance
PvP Advance


  • Possible to use in multiplayer (online)
  • Display other players health statistics and X, Y, Z coordinates
  • AirView: a feature allowing you easier see your enemies
  • Enemy Detector: detects players (or enemies) which are closeby
  • Ride other players
  • Tracking system
  • Quick Access: access a single command through a Quick Access GUI button
  • The new GUI hud will automatically be hidden for 10 seconds after opening a chest


  • /pvpa on – turns on the mod
  • /pvpa off – turns off the mod
  • /pvpa ride – point at the character you want to hitch a ride on
  • /pvpa set [command, e.g. lobby] – sets a short command for the Quick Access GUI button. Can be a command of any type that’s available on the server, e.g., /lobby
  • /pvpa hide – hides the new GUI that comes with the mod
  • /pvpa reload – reloads the mod



PvP Advance Mod

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