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Project Detail Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

If you want to upgrade the details of mobs, you should pay close attention to this pack. There are 7 mobs in the pack, which come with 1-2 additional details. Besides, the game remains the original vanilla graphics of Minecraft.

Founded by: Rexiar

You will be surprised by long utters and horns of the cows.

Look at the chicken. It has a red comb, which makes the head more beautiful.

The sheep not only has a long but also comes with new horns.

Check the following list to see more details.

  • Cow comes with long utters and horns
  • Pig has 3D ears
  • Chicken has Red comb
  • Llama has long tails and chest details
  • Sheep have long tail and horns
  • Husk comes with new arm
  • Skeleton, Stray, and Wither Skeleton have 3D rib cage

How to Install Project Detail Texture Pack

  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Access Minecraft
  3. Choose Settings > Global Resources > Enable the pack

Download a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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